Cassettes and Shows

We just put all of the cassettes we've released over the years (seven of them!) on the internet at bandcamp CLICK HERE , so if you've ever wanted to experience the cruder side of Gun Outfit you can now do so. A lot of our best stuff was put out on those tapes. Our records tend to be more smooth (because they can be) while the tapes are noisier. Some, like the first demo, are almost unlistenable, so be forewarned. We've always hesitated to put this stuff on the internet because I enjoy the fact that only people who actually go to our shows or talk to us can hear it, but at some point it seems needlessly exclusive (especially in regard to our most recent Euro tour tape). They are there if you want them.

We have a bunch of shows booked over the summer, so come and see us if you get the chance.

June 4th- at Blind Spot Project, Los Angeles. With The Mosaics. There will be a trippy analog light show at this performance.

June 8th- at the Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles. Supporting Arbor Labor Union

We are doing a weeklong California tour with Henry Barnes joining the band on sitar. We can only announce a couple shows at this time because not everything has been confirmed, but we will update soon.

July 24th- in Santa Rosa at Arlene Francis Center. With Tony Molina and Happy Diving.
Finally playing Santa Rosa!

July 26th/27th- in Big Sur at the Woodsist Festival with a bunch of good bands. Info can be found here .


We are returning to the UK/EU for a short tour and to play a couple fests. Very excited about that.

August 16th- in Limerick, Ireland at Dolans
August 17th- in Dublin, Ireland at Whelans. With Cryboys.
August 18th/19th- in rural Wales at the Greenman festival with an overwhelming plethora of bands.
August 20th- in York, England at the Fulford Arms
August 21st- in Doune, Scotland at the Doune the Rabbit Hole festival. With Cate Le Bon and others.
August 25th- in London, England at Shacklewell Arms with the Weather Station.

September 6th- in Brooklyn, New York at Union Pool. With special guests.
September 8th-10th- in Durham, North Carolina at the Hopscotch festival.

Gettin around!


Friday March 18th is the release day for our new 12" EP. It's about as long as you can get for a 45 rpm LP and has five songs. This was our first recording not on the west coast (we travelled to NY to record at Kutch 1 studios) and we took advantage of the abundance of great musicians in NY by collaborating with Joe Denardo and Will Lawrence. D. Harris played bass and ebow. It's a 500 press and from what I understand it's already nearly sold out so pick it up if you see it.

Europe tour was amazing- thank you to everyone who came out and put on our shows for us. It was a dream playing with Henry on sitar and getting to stretch out our sets past the hour mark. Playing with Anton again was also very fun. We don't have anymore tapes so if you want one try to hustle one off a European.

Got a couple of short tours on the horizon, but now the exciting thing is writing the next record. We'll keep you posted.

Photo by Kristian of us playing Stengade in Copenhagen.