Top 5 Online Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

Top Five Online Marketing Tips for 2018

The craft and art of online marketing is a lot about being in the loop with all the latest developments and opportunities that can be found in this domain. This is important because those who have the appropriate knowledge can make use of the new tools, platforms, and possibilities for their venture, reaping the rewards before anyone else. Every year, there is a growing number of potential options at the disposal of the different marketers and 2018 is no different. Because of that, here is an overview of the top five online marketing tips that everyone needs to be used in the upcoming period written by SEO Dublin Expert Joe O’reily.

Social Signals

Having an effective online presence means having a reach on the social media. However, in 2018, it is not the number of followers or likes that an account has, but the number of interactions between a particular type of content and social media engagement. This is why everyone has to nurture and support their growing communities and make sure they are active around their posts – this is a huge SEO boost, but also a generator of direct visits to a particular website.

Creative content

In 2018, content production for any venture must include a lot of creative output. This means that the humble text-based blog post is yesterday’s news. Today things like content marketing pieces (instructions, eBooks and such) must be front and centre, along with infographics, humorous content and so forth. Without this, a business simply will not attain any adequate access to their customers or any other group they might be after.

Using Video

Just like regular creative content, a big tip for online marketing in 2018 would be to use videos. The same applies to virtually any form of video streaming service, from social media to video apps. This comes from the simple fact that video can catch the eye of the audience better than anything else. Not using it at this point is completely senseless.

Focus on User experience

The audience of any venture is the key thing they have going for them. Without it, there would be no venture. That is why every business, brand or even individual has to understand their audience and act according to this knowledge. With the right user experience or UX, a business can benefit immensely and today, there are plenty of tools that facilitate this knowledge. From different analytic platforms to simple questionnaires, the info gained from a particular audience must be applied to crafting a proper UX.

Local and Device-oriented SEO

SEO and the entire domain of search engine optimization are well-known to everyone, but this process is always evolving. In 2018, the focus should not be just the basic SEO procedures, which are still important, but also those which supported the new trends in search engines. These are the local search elements, where people use the conjunction of maps and search options to find what they are after, along with device-oriented SEO. This is a feature that allows for the search engine optimization that is based on the type of device the users are employing. Both are exceedingly important and having them covered is a great online marketing tip.

With these tips on online marketing, anyone will be able to see their venture flourish as new visitors begin arriving at their website.