How to Grow Medical Marijuana at Home

Spring and summer are the period of the year when many cannabis enthusiasts ask themselves the question: What do I do in order to grow a medical strain at home? Do not worry this guide below will help you grow medical cannabis strains.

Either it is a call of nature, which becomes more audible when everything around is green and blooming, or the bags are increasingly breaking off, as the autumn stocks are over, however, the desire to grow cannabis at home, well, at least one bush, arises.

Start by selecting a quality cannabis seeds retailer.

Important tips and tricks

In addition to buying a light and (possibly) allocating a special place in your apartment for your help, you need to take into account such moments as a pot, soil, and fertilizer. Since we are talking about the cultivation of just one plant, you will find many options.

Of the pots, the best results will be given by those breathing – for example, if they have fabric walls. Do not forget that in the bottom of the pot there must be holes for draining excess water and a pan. Do not let your marijuana plants stay in the cold water for a long time, as the pH changes with time. In addition, stagnant water attracts insects and mold.

Pick a strain that grows well indoors and is easy to grow such as gorilla glue cannabis strain.

As for the soil, in most cases, you will need a package of the organic earth for flowers or seedlings. An excellent choice will also be substrates based on peat, coconut or moss. Choose the loosest substrate that will provide air to the roots. Roots breathe oxygen, while the ground part of the plant needs carbon dioxide.

Some substrates, especially soil mixtures, are pre-filled with organic fertilizers, such as guano or algae. This will allow you to less and fewer feed plants with liquid fertilizers and, perhaps, you do not have to do it at all until the beginning of flowering. When choosing a fertilizer, it is also advisable to dwell on something organic. It is better to avoid concentrated mineral complexes like Miracle-Gro and other artificial fertilizers, as their use more often does harm than good.

Otherwise, remember that growing cannabis – yes, in general, any other plant – this is a business that brings you closer to nature. The main thing here is to enjoy the process and have fun!